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Steve Boehme

Strawberry Success

Published April 25th, 2012 Everybody likes strawberries, and it’s fun to grow them. To succeed you must be patient, since strawberry plantings take a year to establish. First, you must understand the difference between June-bearing, “everbearing”, and “day neutral” strawberries, since each of these takes different care. June-bearing strawberries produce a single, large crop per …

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Dogwood Alternatives

Published March 20th, 2012 Dogwood trees are the most asked-for tree in our nursery, but they can be a challenge to grow successfully. They thrive in well-drained acid soil rich with humus, similar to the rich compost we see in established forests. Dogwood seeds sprout in the semi-shade and rich loamy soil at the edge …

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Christmas Tree Choices

Published December 7th, 2011 CHRISTMAS TREES YOU CAN PLANT  It’s hard to find a better value than a live Christmas tree. Even if you already have a fake tree, planting a real evergreen on your property each year is a terrific tradition and a lasting legacy. Quality evergreens are like compound interest; you can start …

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Winterthur Enchanted Woods

Published Aprill 16th, 2011 Regular readers of this column already know about our planned Philadelphia Garden Tour, and most people have heard of the tour centerpiece, Longwood Gardens. Fewer gardeners have heard of the nearby Winterthur Museum and Gardens in Wilmington, Delaware. Like Longwood, this fantastic estate was built by the DuPont family a century …

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