Lets Grow

Let’s Grow

Jasna Polana Golf 18th

Jasna Polana Part II

Estate Gardens – Cost No Object! In last week’s column I wrote about my short career as an estate gardener at Jasna Polana, the 200-acre Johnson estate near Princeton, New Jersey. I worked there less than a year, but I had experiences I will remember for a lifetime. Jasna Polana was modeled after a traditional …

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Jasna Polana Gate

Jasna Polana Part I

Estate Gardener – A Dream Job? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an estate gardener? Perhaps you’ve visited the Biltmore Estate, Longwood Gardens or other private estates that are now open to the public. These places have “cost no object” buildings and landscaping, maintained by professional groundskeepers along with a …

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Wildflower Meadows

Wildflower Meadows – Reality or Fantasy?

The Mystique of Wildflower Meadows Planting a wildflower meadow is a favorite daydream among gardeners and nature lovers. Just the words “wildflower meadow” summon a mental picture of colorful blooms waving in the wind, fluttering butterflies, and busy honeybees buzzing from bloom to bloom.  This daydream is always saturated with color all season long, inviting …

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