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Let’s Grow


Bermudagrass Revisited

Time to Control Invasive Bermudagrass    We’ve seen many landscapes where Bermudagrass has taken over lawns and then invaded flower and shrub beds.  The grass creeps along the ground, rooting wherever it touches the soil or mulch, forming a dense mat. It has a strong root system that can grow more than four feet deep. We’ve …

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Japanese beetle

Beating Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles        Suddenly Japanese beetles are invading our gardens, stripping our favorite plants practically overnight. How do we combat this annual invasion, now and in the future? You need a long-term strategy to defend your garden from this devastating pest. First, it’s important to understand one thing: unless you lure them with “Japanese Beetle Traps” …

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Watering by Drip Irrigation

Watering Landscape Plants Automatically Landscape planting in summer has always been risky. Newly-installed plants need frequent, sometimes daily watering until they get established. Even regular rainfall won’t penetrate more than a few inches, so container-grown or “ball & burlapped” plants need special attention for the first few months after they are installed. Summer can bring …

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