Lets Grow

Let’s Grow

Phlox Subulata

Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox is a Colorful Carpet One of the first signs of spring is the colorful billows of creeping Phlox in light blue, white and all shades of pink, creeping along rock gardens and slopes. Creeping Phlox is a hardy, dependable groundcover plant that is widely used to suppress weeds on hard-to-mow slopes. Creeping Phlox …

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Stone Mulch Butterfly Barden

Pebble Mulch Pros & Cons

Is Pebble Mulch the Answer to Low Maintenance? Homeowners who want nice landscaping, but dread maintenance tasks like weeding and mulching, often turn to pebble mulch as a solution. Pebble mulching is the practice of covering landscape beds with weed barrier fabric and then spreading a few inches of pebbles or decorative stone. Stone mulch …

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Roundup Glove

Wild Garlic Control

Getting Rid of Wild Garlic & Onions Weed control is the biggest maintenance challenge in most home landscapes. Wild garlic and wild onions might be the hardest weeds to deal with. These plants are made to survive most weed removal methods. Wild garlic plants have round, hollow, tubular leaves, with a grayish-blue powdery coating. Wild …

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Firepit Crop

Firepit Basics

Understanding Fire Pits Gathering around a warm fire has brought people together since the beginning of mankind. Whether it’s a campfire in the woods or a fireplace in your living room, fire adds warmth and comfort while attracting people to gather. It’s only natural to want some sort of real fire as the centerpiece of …

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Christmas Tree Pointing

Christmas Tree Tradition

Enjoying a Traditional Christmas Tree In today’s fast-paced, high-tech world, the ritual of a real Christmas tree captures the genuine spirit of the holidays. Decorating with live greens is an important way to connect with tradition, and pass the special feeling of Christmas along to another generation. The fragrance of a fresh-cut Christmas tree really …

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