Lets Grow

Let’s Grow

Cincinnati Zoo Gardens

Published January 8th, 2010 The Cincinnati Zoo is a terrific resource for gardeners during the summer months, a time of year when their impressive show gardens are at their peak. In cooperation with the Cincinnati Flower Growers Association (an organization of greenhouse growers) and the Ohio State University Horticulture Program, the Cincinnati Zoo plants over …

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Plants On Steriods

Published January 8th, 2010 Plant breeders never sleep. In our lifetime we’ve seen a revolution in genetically engineered plants, giving us such innovations as “Roundup-Ready” soybeans. When a variety is introduced that is clearly superior it becomes well known and other plants are forgotten. A good example of this is Silver Queen corn. We’re now …

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Lilacs – Dwarf Varieties Are Best

Published January 8th, 2010 Everyone loves the old-fashioned fragrant lilacs that grace so many old farmyards and your grandmother’s lawn. At this time of year their heavy perfume is distinctive and irresistible. Sentimentality helps us overlook their shortcomings in the modern landscape, but the fact remains that Syringa vulgaris (Old-fashioned purple lilac) is too large for most …

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